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The Rare Beauty of Baby Akoya Pearls

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Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you the fascinating world of baby Akoya pearls.

These exceptionally rare treasures come to us from two countries - Japan and Vietnam.
Traditionally, Japanese Akoya pearls are highly valued for both objective and subjective reasons. However, after an attempted takeover of the Akoya market by the Chinese in the first decade of this century, baby Akoya pearls nearly vanished.
The market was left with Chinese-grown Akoya pearls measuring no less than 5.0mm (and not exceeding 7.5-8.0mm), while the Japanese farmers focused on cultivating only large Akoya pearls (over 8.0mm). It was a sad state of affairs, my friends for those of us who loves marvelous tiny Akoya pearls.
However, two events changed the situation.
Firstly, a new player emerged in the market - Vietnam.
Secondly, the typhoons and hurricanes of 2007-08 practically wiped out the Akoya pearl farms in China.
Vietnam quickly gained a position in the colored Akoya pearl market, offering blue, pink, golden, and creamy pearls. Moreover, they began supplying baby Akoya pearls measuring up to 4.0-4.5mm. These farms are few in number still. Cultivating Baby Akoya pearls is highly unprofitable. Yes, you can graft 5-6 nuclei into a single Akoya shell, but pearls are sold by weight, and how much weight can teeny tiny pearls hold? Therefore, they are sold based on a different principle - the principle of rarity.

Baby Akoya - Marina Korneev Pearls
On the photo: Japanese baby Akoya 2.0-2.5mm.

Even rarer are the baby Akoya pearls grown in Japan, especially those measuring less than 3.0 millimeters. These are not mere trinkets or random gifts from nature - keshi - that we discussed before; they are true round pearls with nuclei inside! And when these pearls are just 2 millimeters in diameter?!!! It's simply a marvel, and one is incredibly fortunate to come across them. As they say, grab them and run before you get caught!
So I was very fortunate when I came across a few strands of tiny baby Akoya, and managed to claim them for you! They are available for sale here.


Baby Akoya - Marina Korneev Pearls
The Photo: A Visual Comparison:
On the photo: you can see a comparison of baby Akoya pearls measuring 3.5-4.0mm, 2.8-3.2mm, and 2.0-2.5mm (right to left). The difference is truly incredible, isn't it?

Baby Akoya pearls are a rare and extraordinary treasure that combines beauty, rarity, and a touch of luck.
While the Japanese and Vietnamese markets have offered us these exquisite pearls, it's essential to appreciate their uniqueness and value. The next time you come across these tiny wonders, remember their journey and the rarity they represent in the world of pearls.

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