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Choosing the Perfect Overtone of White Akoya Pearls: A Comprehensive Guide

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Hello, my precious pearls! Today, I'm here to share insights into the three main overtones of white pearls and help you choose the perfect one just for you.

White Akoya pearls are found in three primary overtones: pink, silver, and cream. Each of these overtones offers unique characteristics and appeals to various skin tones.

Let's explore them in detail:

  1. Pink Overtone (or Rosé)

The pink or rosé overtone is the most famous and sought-after. This overtone typically pairs well with most skin tones, but it especially compliments women with fair skin and a yellow undertone. Blondes and light to medium-dark brunettes will also find this overtone appealing. In fact, this overtone is nearly universal and works for almost everyone.

The only exception is if you have pale skin with a pink undertone. In this case, the pink overtone of the pearl might accentuate the pink color in your face and décolletage.

To highlight the warmth and brilliance of pearls with a pink overtone, I recommend pairing them with yellow or rose gold. However, if you want to emphasize the cool tone of both your skin and the pearl, white gold is the way to go.

White Akoya with Rose Overtone - Marina Korneev Pearls


2. Silver Overtone

Silver overtones are the second most popular overtone for white pearls. They present a pale, very cool gleam over the primary white color of the pearl, with occasional secondary hues of blue or green visible beneath the surface.

This overtone suits women with dark skin, olive, and Mediterranean skin tones, as well as those who tan easily. Dark brunettes or black-haired women will also find this overtone highly flattering, even if their skin is very fair. The dark hair contrasts with the bright white pearls, making the pearls appear even larger and more vivid than they are.

I recommend pairing white pearls with silver overtone with clasps, chains, and earring pendants made of white gold or silver, as they will enhance the cool white tones of the pearls.

Yellow gold is also beautiful if you want to add a touch of warmth to the cool shimmer of silvery white pearls. Sometimes there's an additional pink overtone, and it can also be accentuated with yellow or rose gold.


White Akoya Pearls with Silver Overtone - Marina Korneev Pearls

3. Cream Overtone

The cream overtone is the third most popular and, indeed, the most common overtone for white pearls. Ranging from a very faint ivory shade to more profound, saturated tones, cream offers a warm yellowish or ivory color atop the pearl's primary white. In the best cream overtones, flashes of pink or pale purple may even be visible under certain lighting conditions.

Cream overtones suit women with pink or red undertones in their skin, redheads, and those with chestnut hair. This overtone beautifully complements rosiness and shines against red hair. It is also suitable for those with white or silver-gray hair.

I recommend pairing white pearls with a cream overtone with yellow gold to enhance the pearl's warm colors. White gold can also be a good match but is better suited for those with gray hair rather than red or warm chestnut shades.

White Akoya Pearls with Cream Overtone - Marina Korneev Pearls 

Which one is for you?

To determine the right overtone for you without looking in a mirror, place the pearl strand on the inner side of your wrist. The undertone of your skin there is most pronounced and will be the same as in the décolletage area.

Whether you're looking for something timeless and traditional or something chic and trendy, white Akoya pearls offer something for everyone. Choose the overtone that resonates with you and embrace the elegance and grace that only pearls can bring to your wardrobe.

Happy pearl shopping!

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