Follow these guidelines to ensure your leather goods always maintain their natural look.

The appearance and lifespan of leather products depend on careful handling and timely care.

✅ For minor cleaning, a clean soft cloth can be used. Do not immerse leather items in water or other liquids.

✅ If the item is wet, let it dry naturally at room temperature. Do not use artificial heat to speed up the drying process. Avoid drying with hot air or under direct sunlight.

❎ Do not use solvents, chemicals, and other active substances, as well as anything that contains alcohol.

❎ When using leather items, avoid excessive mechanical loads, impacts, and friction of the product surface against hard or sharp objects.

✅ In the areas of greatest use, signs of wear may appear, which do not worsen the physical and mechanical properties of the product, but on the contrary, confirm its authenticity.

❎ Do not store leather goods in plastic bags and do not leave them under direct sunlight, as this can lead to a color change or fading of the leather.

❎ Despite the availability of a variety of leather care products, it is recommended to consult with a specialist before attempting to restore leather goods on your own.

✅ If you have any questions or difficulties related to the care of leather items, it makes sense to contact the store where you purchased them or a manufacturer directly.

✅ Do not attempt to restore the leather on your own. Leather goods repair should be done by professionals. Cheap synthetic repair materials, including glues can permanently damage your product.

✅ For long-term storage, use appropriate packaging (fabric bags, cardboard boxes, etc.).

✅ Leather items should be protected from heavy soiling and stains, as well as from various mechanical damages.

✅ Avoid washing and soaking items made of natural leather, they can deform or become rigid.

✅ Dark brown and black leather can be cleaned of dirt and dust with a damp cloth, but on light leather with an aniline coating, water will leave stains. In this case, it is also better to consult with professionals.

✅ Never attempt to clean stains on a leather item with a coin.