Odesa Ukraine - Marina Korneev Pearls
Odesa Ukraine - Marina Korneev Pearls

"Whatever Marina takes on, everything is always super professional, meticulously studied, and not just exhaustively, but very engagingly explained, demonstrated, and narrated. There's even a certain danger of getting quite "hooked" on her subject, so to speak, but it is a pleasant addiction. You expand your horizons and begin to understand things you had no idea about before. Secondly, you have the rare opportunity to assemble a unique collection of real treasures! And, after all, is there really a need to explain why people need beauty in their life? 🙂" ~Laura K.

Marina - Marina Korneev Pearls

Hi! Nice to meet you!

My name is Marina Korneev. I was born and raised in Odesa, Ukraine, and I've been a California resident for over a quarter of a century.

If anyone had told me eight years ago that pearls would become not just my passion but also my salvation and livelihood, I would have laughed at the preposterous idea.

But alas, our life is full of surprises, and its unpredictability can sometimes leave us adrift. Eight years ago, I faced a sudden and devastating tragedy—the death of my husband.

Navigating through the initial and lasting shock and the ensuing deep depression, I found my unexpected solace in pearls.

A strand of vintage Mikimoto pearls that landed in my hands sparked my curiosity. The questions they triggered led me to a thriving community of pearl enthusiasts and professionals. This was a universe I knew nothing about but was eager to explore.

The world of pearls fascinated me to the point of immersing myself in it wholeheartedly. My intrigue evolved into a dedicated study, followed by practical training under globally recognized pearl dealers. The journey allowed me to earn the title of a Certified Pearl Specialist from the Cultured Pearl Association of America (CPAA). From a life-altering personal tragedy, an unexpected and beautiful chapter of my life began to unfold.

Marina - Marina Korneev Pearls
Marina - Marina Korneev Pearls

So, I am here to welcome you to a world where the unique charm of pearls takes center stage. In a sea of gem experts, finding a dedicated pearl specialist can be rare. I am thrilled to stand among those few, committed not just to offering you the finest pearls but also to unveiling their captivating beauty and sharing the fascinating knowledge I've acquired.

I believe your journey through the mesmerizing world of pearls should be both enlightening and enjoyable. My mission is to guide you, ensuring you discover the joy and fascination that pearls have brought into my life. So, whether you have questions or need assistance in selecting the perfect piece of pearl jewelry, I am here, ready and eager to support you.

Join me in exploring the enchanting world of pearls at your pace, and let's uncover the beauty and secrets they hold together.

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